Agricultural Drainage Services

Hayden Tiling provides field tile installation to provide management of water for optimal health of plants in your crops.

Our Service Area

Hayden Tiling is located in Owensboro, Kentucky. We primarily serve Western Kentucky as well as the surrounding tri-state area of southern Indiana and southern Illinois, but we have the capabilities to effectively complete projects reaching into Tennessee, Missouri, Arkansas, and Mississippi.

Whereever you are, if you would like to learn how we can help make your farm more productive, please contact us.

Benefits of Field Tile

Water flowing from drainpipeSubsurface drainage lowers the water table by allowing excess water to flow into drainage tiles at the ideal depth.

Without subsurface drainage, plant roots remain shallow and closer to the surface of the ground. During the summer when the weather tends produce dry conditions, the plant suffers because it has insufficient root growth to sustain it.

With subsurface drainage, the water table is lowered to the depth of the tile and roots can grow deeper early in the growing season. During the dry conditions of summer, deeper root systems are already established and the plant is better prepared. This remains true for hill ground as well.