Pipe manufacturers have ramped up production of flexible dual wall pipe this fall. This is a relatively new technology in the drainage industry.

Hayden Tiling recently installed 12-inch flexible dual wall from Timewell Drainage Products on a project that required a main to be installed with flatter than normal grade. The project would have previously required multiple large mains or traditional 12” dual wall.

With the new 12” flexible dual wall, we were able to save the customer a significant amount of money over either multiple large mains or traditional dual wall installation. Traditional dual wall pipe must be installed with 10 or 20-foot sticks with a bell and spigot. The sticks must be installed in either an open trench or with a special open boot with a plow or trencher.

Flexible dual wall can be plowed in with a drainage plow in a similar fashion as standard single wall pipe. The advantage of being able to plow in dual wall pipe is a drastic reduction in installation cost compared to open trenching for standard dual wall sticks.

The flow rate for flexible dual wall is similar to standard dual wall. For agricultural purposes, Flexible dual wall is a great option to reduce costs on large mains.