V-Plow installation is now available from Hayden Tiling! A V-Plow is shaped just as it sounds. The boot is internal on one side of the V.

Instead of fracturing the soil and creating a spoil on both sides of the trench like a single shank plow, a V-plow lifts the soil and allows the soil to pass through the V without creating a traditional spoil.

V-Plows have been used overseas for many years. A few of our customers have asked why we don’t use them here in the states. One reason is because a V-Plow isn’t suitable in all conditions. Very wet, or very heavy clay soil may not be suitable for a V-Plow.  A single shank plow would be preferred in these conditions.

The V-Plow that Hayden Tiling now operates is limited to a maximum depth of a little over four feet, thus making it only viable for installing laterals and a few sub-mains. It is also limited to 3 or 4-inch pipe. A single shank plow is still needed to install mains and any deep pipe necessary to complete the project.

The largest benefit of the V-Plow will be its very slight ground disturbance. The V-plow typically creates a strip of lifted soil similar to an in-line ripper. There is very little spoil. The ground will be near planter ready when this plow is used to install laterals. This makes it an attractive option for tile installation in the spring before planting and in the fall before wheat sowing.