With the addition of a surface ditching machine to our fleet, Hayden Tiling will now be able to better serve our customer’s surface drainage needs. Because tile alone will not drain water holes fast enough to prevent crop damage, it is becoming even more necessary to maintain proper surface drainage with no-till practices.

Our customers have told us for years that they do not like to run “spinner” ditches to drain water holes because they are rough on equipment when driving across them. With our new ditcher, we can cut a ditch on grade with RTK/GPS so the ditch doesn’t hold water and it only has to be deep enough to drain the hole.

A wider ditch isn’t nearly as rough on equipment as a classic spinner ditch. The surface ditching machine can cut a 5-foot-wide flat bottom ditch and sling the dirt nearly 150 feet away. We can also eliminate most existing spinner ditches by cutting them out wider so they are not rough when crossing them with a spray rig.

Our new ditcher’s many uses can include cutting new ditches to drain stubborn water holes, creating waterways, widening out spinner ditches so they are smooth on equipment, and cleaning out diversion ditches.